I wanted to tell you for the longest time now, thank you for giving me my husband back. I know he did the work, and we both really wanted to stay together, but without your help, and the trust he put into you, he would never have become the loving, trustable, kind person he has grown to be. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart.
J. L.

You have stuck with us through some difficult times, and are among the best of the many therapists we have worked with. You've been of great help to M. (and our family). M. has bonded with you and has developed a safe harbor to vent and try out new methods of handling various situations. You are an integral part of the progress M. has made already and the bright future to come for her.
N. K.

We want to thank you for helping our family on our journey to heal. You not only have wisdom but love and a passion to help others. Kudos & blessings to you and your staff.
Dr. Wesley & Esther

I don’t know what I would do without Lisa. Her honesty and ability to provide different view points has enabled me to mature and change my negative way of thinking. I was an angry, hateful, depressed anxiety filled person with a rage that I felt was natural. It was normal for me to snap on the people I loved and that behavior impacted many relationships. With Lisa’s help, I have managed to break down the walls that I had allowed my anger and resentment to put up. I am still a work in progress but progress was/is still being made. Thank you Lisa for taking the time to listen.

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