Finding M.E. (Mindful Eating)

Finding M.E. (Mindful Eating)

Do you eat more when you are bored, lonely, sad or upset?

Do you eat less when you are engaged, active and happy?

We are in the midst of an epidemic of obesity and its consequences. In our modern world, food has become convenient and inexpensive. We obtain and devour food without any distraction from our daily activities. But by taking food for granted, we no longer have a normal healthy relationship with what we eat. We have lost our connection, not aware of what or how much we consume.

Food has also assumed another role in our lives. High fat and high carbohydrate foods produce a pleasant feeling of wellbeing, providing temporary relief from the stresses and uncertainties of our lives. Instead of eating in response to natural hunger, we find ourselves eating to cope with our feelings.

Mindful Eating teaches us to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger and appropriate ways to satisfy each of them. It teaches us to choose a positive relationship between our mind and the foods we eat, revealing the strong and healthy body within each of us.

During the initial six week program you’ll meet one night per week with others struggling to change their eating habits. You’ll learn that there are no bad foods, but that the frequency, quantity and reasons we eat lead to unwanted weight gain. You’ll begin to free yourself of the other hungers that prevent you from making the permanent changes leading to good health and normal weight.

For more information or to register for Finding M.E. contact The Summit Center, 815-773-0772, Carrie Vodnik at extension 314.

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